facebook.com whoispjs.com markting-you.com Call Pj Smith at 888-346-1461 PJ Smith – Author and Creator of Mastering Wealth Online My Story, my why…. Do you live your life with meaning, passion, determination and have a burning desire that is unstoppable? If you don’t I encourage you to watch this movie, I’m going to share my story about passion, burning desire and give you some tips of how you can “find” it within. My life has been adventurous I’m no different than anyone else, I’ve had my ups downs, disappointments, I’ve lost hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in bad business decisions. It doesn’t matter though, you have to just pick yourself up and start over. Day by day the pieces are mended and you start building up your empire again. I believe we are all the same, we all have the same opportunity. It’s what you decide to do with the opportunity that makes you different. I’ve always dreamed of working from home, I’ve worked a home business along side of my traditional JOB for over 20 year, never made enough to quit my full-time job. I’ve been in various Successful MLM businesses for over 20 years. At one time I was in the top 5% of the MLM company I was involved with, still not making enough money. To read more about my experience with the latest MLM business I was involved with go here; www.myspace.com After the real estate market crashed in 2008 I decided I need to take life into my own hands once and for all… I FIRED CORPORATE AMERICA! Now I enjoy the life I’ve