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Kalee used to go crazy for her canned food treat I used to feed her. This particular day I decided I would make a video of her dancing around as I teased her with her food. Those days are over now and I can’t say that I miss feeding her canned food but she sure was funny to watch. Now she gets a treat that I toss out into the room and she fetches it like a dog would, and it’s even funnier to watch. She’s a pretty silly cat to say the least, she is the joy in my life.

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This is Kalee before she gained weight after being sick since her sister Kia was laid to rest in December 2008. She no longer fits in that nice cozy bed instead she lays on the hard table right next to me. I will never figure out why she chooses to lay on the hard surface when she has a cozy down-filled bed which is only 3 feet away from me.

Crazy Cat