Establishing The Right Motivation

The first step is establishing your motivation. Realize that without it, taking the steps to change your life will be harder to do. The right motivation will keep you focused on your goal, which is to have a positive mental attitude. With it, you will be inspired to...

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Love Yourself : Make It Your Choice

Learn to love yourself, faults and all. Choosing to love yourself by having a positive mental attitude will change your outlook on life.  It will make you look at yourself in a new light, thereby having a productive effect on your psyche, relationships, decisions and...

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Think Positive

First, start with a major attitude overhaul. This means to start thinking positively, no matter what the situation may be. Having a positive mental attitude is the key to have a better and more successful life. Accept that you are not perfect and that making mistakes...

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Do You Have Tolerance In Your Life?

Today was one of those days that I had a compelling NEED to clean.  You know, it's not something you want to do, it comes out of necessity.  Let me put it this way, all my furniture had the look of the first frost, yes the dust was so high the furniture looked white...

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What Makes You Feel Chunky Monkey?

Does eating solid foods make you want to eat more? When I feel chunky monkey it’s time for my liquid protein meals. For those of you wondering Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream is not considered a liquid.

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Pj’s Pad New Spacious Workspace 360.600.3228. Pj, Author Creator of Marketing You Inc. Now living life in my pajamas in the comfort of my home. The income you can generate from your home office is unlimited and is only determined by your work ethic, your desire and your "why". My why in...

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