Great-Grandpa BibleToday was one of those days that I had a compelling NEED to clean.  You know, it’s not something you want to do, it comes out of necessity.  Let me put it this way, all my furniture had the look of the first frost, yes the dust was so high the furniture looked white instead of dark brown.

As I was dusting the shelves I picked up my great grandfather’s bible which I have displayed on a shelf in the living room, so  I sat down on the couch and started to thumb through this well used bible.

Funny thing is, it was just this past week that I was thinking about my great-grandfather’s bible and was wondering which version it was.  For some reason I had been contemplating getting the bible rebound and start reading his bible.  Maybe it is a family connection thing, I really don’t know, as I didn’t know my great grandfather.

So as I was thumbing through his bible I found an article he had left in between the pages. The theme of the article is tolerance and it goes like this:

“A professing Christian is in error if he seeks to limit the power of Christ to his own circle.  Christ’s program recognizqes no cults, creeds, or race.  There is room enough in this world for many groups to follow Christ in their own way.  The important thing is to be sure that Christ is being followed.”Tolerance & Bible

That first paragraph struck my interest because just this past week Pastor Paul spoke about the many people we have at our church; ICLV.  He went onto say that when he was first saved he would have a church internationally, that no matter your color, your race you would feel like family.

I love that because I often feel that separation between men on earth is unjust.  I have never understood racism, even as an unsaved Christian I was always (and still am) one to accept people for who they are, not what color they are.

The first paragraph got my attention and then it goes on to say:

“Intolerance is one of the besetting sins of the world.  We too often labor under the false belief that every one is out of step but ourselves.”

Now hold on a second, did you just read that?  I couldn’t agree more.  How many times have you pointed your finger at the other person thinking you were right?  I know I have more times than I care to admit.  If you haven’t admitted that, then I would say you have some deep soul searching to do based on that sentence alone.

Let’s go on, then it says…

“Hundreds of members of different denominations are reading this article and scores of Sunday School teachers are using these remarks….Try not to offend Christ by insisting your way of life is the only true way.  It is the true way of life if it is Christ’s way.”

Oh my gosh, was that ever a conviction. In the past (not so much anymore) I would say I was a little more stubborn when I had an idea, a thought, or a particular way of doing something, it was the attitude of: my way or the highway. Have you ever felt that way?  If so, and if you still feel that way, go back and re-read that paragraph above and give it to God The Almighty and ask him to forgive you for your ways and cleanse your soul and then realize and understand this; the only way is God’s way.

Now this article goes on to talk about vindictiveness of spriit and the war (this article was written in 1951) and it says: “To fight the world with the world’s weapons is not Christ’s way.  Tolerance has been termed a virtue that we require of another, it’s a virtue that we must require of ourselves.”

So think about what is going on in the world right now with the war, fighting amongst men, fighting going on in your neighborhood, your church, your work and often times your own home.

Stop and know that Christ’s way is the only way and ask for forgiveness if you have not been tolerant of yourself and of others.

Oh, just so you know I’ve decided not to get his bible rebound – I like it just the way it is; nicely displayed on my shelf, torn and ragged, not to mention that it’s that old King James version of “thou shall not…” kind of stuff that I have a hard time reading so it will stay right where it is for now anyway.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this, I know God has a Glorious plan for your life.  If you are not currently attending a God loving church in your town I invite you to attend Sunday service with me from wherever you are at

Until next time, remember God has great plans for your life, take time to give your heart to Him, He really does listen to you and knows your heart better than you do.
Successfully In His Name…

Pj Smith