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gratefulNow start to establish the things that you are grateful for.   Get a journal and name it your gratitude journal.  There are many things you can be grateful for.  Things that you can be grateful for include things that we take for granted daily. Here are just a few things that you might be grateful for; your home, your pet, food on the table, your health, your family, your breath, free from pain,  there are many things that you can be grateful for.  Keep paper near you always, in your pocket, car, purse, next to your bed, and whenever you have a thought of feeling blessed or something that you are grateful for write it down. Take time to remember that there are others all around you that are not as fortunate as you, so be grateful for even the smallest of things even if it seems silly, write it down.

Choosing to be grateful for your good fortune will get you on your way to a positive outlook. Now that you’ve started your gratitude list keep it accessible, post it where you see it often just like you did with your list of motivations and attributes. When you make use of your lists, you will surely be more inspired and you will ultimately get rid of all the negative thoughts that put a damper on your self-image.

Remember that giving yourself an attitude makeover means you need to put in the effort it’s not going to be easy, but the results will be very rewarding.  Be realistic. Do not expect instant results however, stick with your plan and you will be become the person you love.

“My attitude is never to be satisfied, never enough, never.” – Bella Karolyn

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qualitiesEstablish the qualities you have that you actually like. Things like physical attributes you have that you think make you look good, a special talent or skill that you have or even a trait that you think makes you a great person.   Notice here I said “great person”, because you are just that.  You are great!  Start believing that you are, say it out loud; in the shower, in the car, walking into the store, first thing in the morning.  Remember to keep your heart from growing prideful.  This positive reinforcement will help you change your thoughts.

Make a list of these attributes and look at them when you feel down in the dumps, feel sorrow, feel unworthy.  Start with something your first list and as time goes on keep adding to the list you will be amazed how many things you really DO like about yourself.

“Success or failure depends more upon attitude than upon capacity. Successful people act as though they have accomplished or are enjoying something. Soon it becomes a reality. Act, look, feel successful, conduct yourself accordingly and you will be amazed at the positive result.” – Dupree Jordan

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“Success or failure depends more upon attitude than upon capacity. Successful people act as though they have accomplished or are enjoying something. Soon it becomes a reality. Act, look, feel successful, conduct yourself accordingly and you will be amazed at the positive result.” – Dupree Jordan

happinessAsk yourself Am I happy with the relationships I have with my family, friends and my job?  Your work place is especially important considering you spend more time at your job then you do at home, realize that if you are unhappy at your workplace no matter how hard you try, there will always be that niggling feeling of dissatisfaction and negativity that will linger on. If you find that you are unhappy with any of your relationships, do some soul searching and figure out if the relationship at your workplace is worth salvaging, if it seems hopeless then maybe you want to kindly walk away from the relationship.

I am not advocating that you quit your job or even walk away from it, unless of course you are in a financial position to do so.  Since the recession is still affecting many of our lives quitting is certainly not an option for most.  A few things that might help you is to make a list of the things that you do love about your job, it might be as simple as; your hours, your benefits, one co-worker.  Once you are to make a list of the things you like or love about your job then focus on those things.

Most people have tendencies to compare themselves to others, know that you are special just the way you and don’t forget to tell yourself that every day, not just once, twice or even three times tell yourself that every time you being to feel negative thoughts creeping in.  Loving yourself is not about being boastful, or even prideful, loving yourself is about accepting who you are and not comparing who you are with others.

“Whenever you’re in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.” – Timothy Bentley

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self-assessmentTake time daily, weekly to assess yourself and your life and see if you don’t start to notice a difference in you.  Ask yourself how you perceive your being, what you feel and how you act when faced with different kinds of situations. Be honest with yourself even if you might not like the answers to your questions.  That is the only way you can change your attitude. After you have done so, ask yourself what you can do to change your reactions into something more positive and upbeat.

“Whether a glass if half full or half empty depends on the attitude of the person looking at it.” – Unknown

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motivationThe first step is establishing your motivation. Realize that without it, taking the steps to change your life will be harder to do. The right motivation will keep you focused on your goal, which is to have a positive mental attitude. With it, you will be inspired to be a happier person and to push through any and all ordeals that you will surely encounter with your head held high.

You can use yourself as your motivation. You can even use the people around you and the relationships that you have with them. Whatever your motivation is, find it and keep it in your mind. Keep a list of your motivations, and place the list somewhere that you can see it everyday.

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” – Lou Holtz

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love-yourselfLearn to love yourself, faults and all. Choosing to love yourself by having a positive mental attitude will change your outlook on life.  It will make you look at yourself in a new light, thereby having a productive effect on your psyche, relationships, decisions and every little thing that you do and when you love yourself you are able to love others even more.

In order to obtain this so-called new perspective is not as easy as flipping the switch. It’s not a matter of making a decision and immediately you see results.  Follow some simple steps and practice changing and eventually you will see the changes.

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” – William James

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First, start with a major attitude overhaul. This means to start thinking positively, no matter what the situation may be. Having a positive mental attitude is the key to have a better and more successful life. Accept that you are not perfect and that making mistakes is a part of human nature.

“A positive attitude is contagious, but don’t wait to catch it from others, be a carrier.” – Unknown

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I’m going to start a series about the importance of having a Positive Mental Attitude. I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I enjoyed writing them.

As the old saying goes, you are your own worst critic. This is certainly true for a lot of people. How many times have you put yourself down for doing something that you think is wrong or even stupid?

While you may think that this is something that you need to do to in order to improve yourself, the reality is that self bashing sets yourself up for failure.  Today is the day you are going to choose to think positive thoughts no matter what you’ve been telling yourself for days, weeks even years you worthy of only positive thoughts.

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