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Who Is Pj?

Lover of Life, All Things Natural, Helping Others, Host of Pj’s Live , author of many blogs.  I’m a  memory album enthusiast, retired Top 6-figure Realtor and award-winning restaurant manager/adult babysitter…..

Whether you are looking to babysit adults, create family heirloom albums or become a sought-after online marketing Entrepreneur, author, marketing business owner like me…

I’ve found there are certain “PATTERNS” you must have to  be successful. It’s actually an old cliche’ simple but powerful and it’s all about…

* * MINDSET * *

It’s because of mindset that I’ve had multiple successes in many areas of my life, to name just a few…

* Weight Loss.
* Top Awarded Realtor.
* Heirloom Album Enthusiast.
* Entrepreneur.

I can teach you how to lose 90 pounds in 6 months without dieting, get a real estate license in 10 days or less, sell your own home without Realtor fees, start a business without business cards, letterhead or even a phone,  teach a cat how to “stay” like you would teach a dog, or even organize and create 500 picture heirloom album in 1 day.

My goal is to reveal my secret to many successes I’ve had in life,

The Good News… I can teach you too!

Whether you are looking to increase your client base, get yourself and/or your business noticed on the internet, increase your client base, I have a unique blueprint just for you.

Pamela ‘Pj’ Smith